Why At Alpers

Alpers began treating patients with TMJ disorders with botox, this helped to relieve pain and tension by relaxing the muscles causing the problems.

Soon after, we started receiving patient queries regarding botox treatment for more cosmetic purposes. 

We decided that it only made sense for us to include this in our treatment range as there is no one who has more knowledge and experience with facial muscles and providing injections that a dentist!

Nic and Jacqui have now attended a number of courses, in both New Zealand and Australia to perfect the technique and understanding of botox as a cosmetic treatment, alongside fillers.


Botox is available as both a treatment for TMJ disorders and cosmetically.

Cosmetic uses for botox include and aren't limited to:

  • Crows feet
  • Frown lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Rabbit lines

Botox is injected into the muscles, where it blocks the nerve impulses to those tissues. This reduces the muscle activity causing the lines, resulting in a smoother appearance. 

Facial lines which are present when the face is totally relaxed are possibly better candidates for dermal filler. Botox may be able to "soften" the appearance of these lines but not completely get rid of them.

Botox injections only take around 10 minutes and you shouldn't require any downtime afterwards.
After a couple of days, you should begin to see an improvement and maximum effect usually takes place around 10-14 days later.

Pop in for a complimentary, free consultation to discuss the treatment with Dr Nic Anderson.

If you decide you wish to go ahead with treatment it is possible for it to be carried out during the same appointment.

Dermal Fillers

Aging can lead to our facial and lip volume lessening but Alpers has the trick to maintaining plump and youthful skin and lips.

An instant result can be achieved using dermal filler, ridding your face of wrinkles and restoring volume.

The most common treatment this product is used for at Alpers is currently lip enhancement.

We use a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid; a naturally occurring substance found in the body. It can be found in high concentrations in soft connective tissues, as well as in the fluid surrounding the eyes. It can also be found in some skin tissue, cartilage and joint fluids.

Now extracted and reformulated, it has become the most widely used injectable filler. We use the brand Restylane which contains local anaesthetic to provide additional comfort during and after the procedure. 

This is additional anaesthetic, as a benefit to having a dentist carry out this procedure is that we are able to administer a full dental block (facial anaesthetic from the eyes downwards) or a topical anaesthetic.

Pop in for a complimentary, free consultation to discuss the treatment with Dr Nic Anderson.

If you decide you wish to go ahead with treatment it is possible for it to be carried out during the same appointment. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes and you will be able to go about your day as normal

Skin Care

We believe it is just as important to look after your skin as it is to look after your teeth. That's why Alpers offers a range of different skin care treatments to ensure that you are happy in the skin you're in.

Additional skin care treatments we offer include:

  • Chemical Peels; all our hygienists are trained to apply chemical peels. You can book in for this as a solo treatment or in addition to yournext hygiene appointment. Whilst this does not require any downtime for recovery, any facial redness may take from several hour to 24 hours to completely disappear.
  • Micro-needling; uses micro needles at varying lengths to penetrate skin, triggering our body’s own wound healing response. When our skin is damaged, it produces collagen tissue which is stronger, and firmer than before. Over a course of treatments collagen fibers are strengthened and the skin becomes stronger, smoother, and firmer, with improved texture. This is a great treatment for acne scarring.

Skin Care Consultations; schedule a skin care consultation to find out which products from the Skin Care Rx Professional range would be the perfect addition to your existing skin care routine, or help you create a new one that best suits your skin. All the products are available to purchase in our clinic.