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Whitening of teeth has passed the experimental stage and is now a sensible and increasingly popular treatment option. We are even finding patients are gifting bleaching sessions for family and friends as birthday, Christmas, and even wedding presents!

The are basically five different methods of tooth bleaching [or whitening]:

The over-the-counter gels and toothpastes available from chemists or the supermarket. These are relatively cheap but are limited in their effectiveness.

Tray whitening.  A soft plastic tray – something like a thin sports mouthguard – is made in our dental office from a model we take of the teeth. The patient is given the tray along with tubes of a bleaching gel. The gel-filled tray is worn on the teeth for as little as 15mins a day – depending on the degree of whitening required.

In house whitening. This 60 to 90 minute procedure is ideal for someone looking for immediate results. It is appropriate for people 16 years or over. The great advantage of the in house treatment is that it is a one visit procedure and that’s it! However we do advise patients to take a bleaching kit [method 2 above] home with them to maintain the result. In house is ideal for that sudden ‘dazzling’ white smile requirement – like an imminent wedding or the need to impress a prospective employer – and the result lasts much longer than in method 2. The in house technique can make the teeth sensitive to acidic foods or temperature changes for a few days after the treatment. This is why in house whitening is not suitable for younger patients where teeth are immature and are likely to be damaged by the powerful chemicals.

Individual tooth bleaching. This technique is used for discoloured [and commonly root filled] teeth. This procedure is carried out by one of our dentists and it is commonly used before placing a porcelain veneer over a darkening tooth.

Forever White – Teeth Whitening Pen. This is a small take home device that patients can use as follow up from treatment 3 above. It is perfect for touch ups and on-the-go-whitening and it is simple and easy to use.

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You are not fully dressed until you wear a smile! Ideally patients should be in good health and free from tooth decay and calculus [tartar] deposits. Patients with yellow / brown stains from tobacco, coke, tea, coffee, or red wine will notice the greatest improvement. Just remember that these foods and especially smoking and medicines – such as iron supplements – will stain the teeth again. There is no point in taking the time and cost to whiten teeth if they are mistreated [as indicated] afterwards.

A general dental exam is needed before the in house bleaching technique can be used.

Dentists are unable to whiten porcelain, composite, or other dental restorative materials. Patients may need to replace existing cosmetic fillings or crowns to match newly whitened teeth.

Tooth whitening is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. In house is not recommended for people undergoing PUVA [Psoralen + UV radiation] or photochemotherapy, or patients with melanoma. Patients taking any light sensitive drugs or substances should consult their physician prior to the in house procedure, and those using Isotane will need to be assessed first to make sure they are suitable for the in house treatment.

Bleaching procedures are usually pain free although tooth sensitivity can occur with some patients after the whitening procedure. Anaesthetic is not required for the bleaching appointments. It is possible that teeth may feel sensitive to heat, cold, or acid [lemon or grapefruit juice for example] for a few days following the bleaching treatment. If you feel your teeth tend to be sensitive, you should purchase a tube of ‘tooth mousse’ from us prior to the bleaching appointment. This cream is applied for 30 minutes a day for the two days prior to the bleaching appointment and then for 30 minutes after each bleaching session. This application will significantly reduce tooth sensitivity.

After tooth whitening, it may be necessary for bleaching touch-ups from time to time to maintain the white and healthy smile.

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In House Teeth Whitening January 5, 2015