Have you ever wondered how your appliances are made

How Your Dental Appliances Are Made

You are so excited to get your braces off. Finally! The day has come. But you are not finished with orthodontic appliances just yet. You will need a retainer to keep your teeth in position after Nic removes your braces. It takes almost a full year before the periodontal ligaments to stabilise. However, even after a year, your teeth will still move slightly, so a retainer is critical. You cannot become complacent with wearing your retainer because if you lose it, break it or stop wearing it, your smile could shift and get crooked again. Do you know why it costs so much to replace your dental appliances? It is because the process used to make them is extensive. By reviewing this information you can find out exactly how Nic and his skilled team go about fitting and crafting your retainers and other dental appliance

Steps Lab Technicians Use to Make Dental Appliances

Removable Plates

These are used for the majority of our patients, both children and adults, to change the shape of the jaws and to alleviate the crowded teeth. They are also used to correct bad bites and to reduce the need for adult tooth extractions and jaw surgeries.
Removable plates are usually worn full-time, including when eating, and are removed only when brushing the teeth. They come in every colour imaginable and since they are discrete it has become a competition at Alpers for which patient can come up the brightest colours and craziest design!

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Orthodontic Braces

Metal orthodontic braces are the most common type of braces that we use. Metal braces are made out of high-grade stainless steel and are the most reliable braces available.

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Ceramic Tooth-coloured Braces

These are occasionally used for adults if the appearance of braces is a concern. They can be a little slower than metal braces but as they are less visible they are quite popular with our older patients.

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Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth that uses a series of custom-made, virtually invisible clear plastic aligners. Please click here for further information on Invisalign.

Your dental appliances are custom-built to fit your mouth and last a long time. The entire process takes a little more than an hour in hands-on working time. However, when you factor in the wait time for the plaster to set and the acrylic to harden the entire process is longer. This is why our lab techs will work on appliances as different stages throughout the day.

Now you see just how much time and effort goes into making your appliances? It’s not as easy as you might think.


Have you ever wondered how your appliances are made January 4, 2015