Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry – The Easiest Way to Obtain a Beautiful Smile in Auckland

The appearance of one’s smile can deteriorate over time due to discoloration, wearing down of tooth enamel and out-of-date fillings. A beautiful new smile is within reach with the numerous cosmetic treatments available at Alpers.

Teeth Whitening: How Does it Work?

Teeth often lose their pearly-white appearance through the consumption of soft drinks, coffee, dark wines, the use of tobacco products and general aging. Gradually teeth become stained and splotchy, blocking out the tooth’s original white color. Dentists can use or prescribe a chemical bleaching treatment that reduces the dark colour of the tooth enamel. The bleaching treatment works by delving into the enamel of one’s teeth and removing the layers of stain, allowing the white color to shine.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment:
The quickest and most efficient treatment is the one done by a professional dentist. The in-office bleaching treatment is a two-hour procedure that gives the patient an immediately brighter and whiter smile.

Home Teeth Whitening Treatment:
Teeth whitening trays are created for one’s personal use and made to fit each unique smile. The trays and their accompanying whitening kit help restore the brightness of teeth with a short, 15-minute, daily application. Patients apply the whitening gel inside the personalised trays and place them over the teeth to target stubborn stains.
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Amalgam vs Porcelain Fillings

Amalgam fillings, comprised of several different dark metals, visually disrupt the appearance of white teeth. Despite popularity over the last 100 years, amalgam is quickly being replaced in the dental field with porcelain or composite fillings. These new fillings are coloured to match one’s teeth and have a higher efficiency rate, resulting in fewer crowns. Porcelain fillings are made to fit one’s teeth exactly, using the office’s CEREC unit. The CEREC unit creates a three-dimensional computer model of one’s tooth, allowing dentists to produce a porcelain filling that is a perfect fit.
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Veneers: Cover Up Unattractive Teeth

Chipped and ill-shaped teeth can detract from a perfect smile, but this problem can be easily overcome using porcelain or composite veneers, which are tooth-shaped covers placed over unsightly teeth to fix any irregularities and keep teeth looking flawless for many years. Dentists typically recommend porcelain veneers over composite due to their long-lasting and strong nature, but both can improve the sight of irregular teeth.
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Perfect your smile: What Other Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Can be Done?

The appearance of one’s mouth and teeth can be improved beyond the realms of teeth whitening, filling replacements or porcelain veneers. Other procedures offered include:

Teeth straightening:

Aligning teeth into a straight row to make an even smile.

Gum lifts:

Also known as a gingivectomy, a gum lift is a procedure in which the dentist removes or reform one’s gums to create the best appearing smile. This could include removing excess gums from one’s smile or reshaping the gums so that more shows if desired.

Teeth implants:

Filling in gaps left by missing teeth with an artificial tooth root and crown.

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Cosmetic Dentistry January 4, 2015