CEREC Technology in Epsom, Auckland

What is CEREC?

CEREC, also known as Ceramic Reconstruction, is computer programming that uses an advanced camera to create exact 3D teeth models. These digital 3D models are used to develop precisely sized porcelain fillings or crowns by measuring the depth of the crater in the tooth. This technique has been used and perfected by Alpers Dental over the past 15 years to create the best-fitting fillings for patients.

What is the CEREC Omnicam?

The CEREC Omnicam is a cutting-edge dental camera that works together with the CEREC programing to create three-dimensional digital models of teeth in need of fillings. The CEREC Omnicam is able to create models of teeth clearly and accurately using an in-the-mouth method of photography. Dentists utilise this small camera by photographing the tooth from different angles while it takes numerous photos.

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How does CEREC Work?

Creating the perfectly sized porcelain filling takes several steps. The dentist will begin by removing any prior fillings or cavity caused by decay, and cleaning the tooth to ensure the fabrication of the most accurate model. The dentist will then use the CEREC Omnicam within the patient’s mouth to generate the 3D model that will then be viewed digitally. The CEREC computer programming will then carve an individually-designed porcelain filling to perfectly fill space in the tooth. After the tooth-coloured filling is created, it will be polished and bonded to ones tooth. The entire process is not overly time-consuming and is completed within only one appointment.

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What are the Benefits of Using CEREC?

Long-Lasting Results: The porcelain fillings created by CEREC are made to last. Due to the exact fit of the fillings, it is less likely to be disrupted and increases the integrity of the tooth. The dental professionals bond the filling to the tooth with procession to ensure that it remains in the crater for as long as possible.

Visually More Appealing than Amalgam: Amalgam filling, comprised of several different types of metals, have the tendency to darken and become unattractive looking over time. Porcelain fillings remain tooth-coloured and natural, providing a brighter smile.

Personalized filling results: No longer does one have to worry that the filling will feel unnatural or be an incorrect fit for their individual tooth. CEREC creates the best fit for one’s tooth that cannot be achieved without the precise technology.

Quick and Easy: In just one appointment, the CEREC can create a filling or crown that will fit seamlessly to the tooth’s cleaned out section. With the advanced digital technology, patients are able to receive their perfect porcelain filling in just a single visit.

Alpers is the first dental office in Australasia using CEREC and CEREC Omnicam technology. Throughout the dental clinic’s 15 years of use of this programme, we have supplied our patients with the most precise porcelain fillings available. To set up an appointment with a CEREC trained dentist at Alpers Dental, call 09 524 5056.


CEREC January 4, 2015