Amalgam Removal

Dental Amalgam Removal in Epsom Auckland

Dental amalgam or silver fillings have been used for restorative dentistry since the early Chinese dynasties. Until recently, amalgam has been the standard for filling teeth that have been drilled and trimmed due to cavities. With the modernisation of dentistry and scientific research, new filling materials have been developed, giving patients aesthetically better options for teeth restoration. Because of this, more people are opting to have their amalgam removed.

Why Remove Amalgam?

The primary concern of most dental professionals is the amount of mercury present in amalgam fillings. Roughly 50 percent of the amalgam is made from mercury, while the rest of the metals that compose it are silver, tin, and copper. Although the New Zealand Department of Health and the New Zealand Dental Association insist that amalgam has no negative effects on the health of humans since the other metals render the mercury inert, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) still highly recommends the removal of the material.
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Dental Amalgam Removal Procedure

Before you can get your amalgam removed, you need to visit our office for a consultation so we can discuss and show you what happens during the procedure, and provide you with a quote for cost of the removal, as well as any other treatment necessary. You will be asked to sign a consent form, which will be discussed by our dental team.

During the removal process, the dentist and dental assistants will be wearing protective equipment and clothing to ensure that they don’t get contaminated by the mercury. The patient will be draped and completely covered while a supplemental air source will be given via nasal respiration to keep the patient from inhaling mercury fumes. A rubber dam will be placed around the tooth with the amalgam. This dam will keep everything inside and prevent any mercury particulates from entering into the mouth. The amalgam will be cut up and pulled from the tooth. The tooth will be rinsed until all signs of amalgam are gone, then the dam will be removed. Active charcoal will be used to remove any remaining mercury from the mouth. Afterwards, the restorative procedure will be performed, either in the form of a crown or a tooth-coloured filling.

After the restoration, the tooth will look good as new and function efficiently. Most restorations last for decades with no regret of getting your amalgam removed. Many patients love the peace of mind that comes from having tooth-coloured fillings that also provide stability and strength.
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Benefits of Removing Amalgam Filling

Replacing amalgam fillings with composite or porcelain will give you more aesthetically appealing dental restorations. You also don’t have to worry about the toxicity of the amalgam in your body, since the substance will be removed and replaced with a safer alternative.
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Notes and Reminders

Patients who have almost their whole tooth filled with amalgam can expect that all portions of the filling are removed after the procedure. For cases with deep fillings, we recommend replacement with a porcelain crown. It is also important for patients to understand that no matter how carefully done the procedure is, we cannot guarantee zero exposure to mercury, especially if multiple amalgams will be replaced.

For More Details and Cost of Dental Amalgam Removal

You may call us at (09) 524-5056 and we will answer any of your questions, including costs, about amalgam removal. We can also schedule an appointment for our dentists to assess your fillings and whether they can be removed or restored.

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