Orthodontic Department


These are the people that you will be seeing every 4 to 6 weeks throughout your orthodontic treatment.


I grew up in Palmerston North where I finished High School. I moved to Dunedin to do a first year in Health Science. I had an orthodontic treatment at age 14 which made me interested in the dental industry. After dental school, I had my first job back at Palmerston North with a “crazy” dentist who used functional orthodontic appliances. Dr. Bruce Wilson’s treatments produced great results which further piqued my interest. Since 2005, I have been travelling all over the world to learn about orthodontics and the techniques used, particularly in non-extraction orthodontic treatment. Prof. John Mew, the pioneer of Orthotropic treatment in London, and Dr. William Hang are my mentors and they gave me a comprehensive training programme in the field of Orthotropics.

Here in New Zealand, only I and Dr. Gerry Quinn from Nelson are the people qualified to perform Orthotropics. My deepest interest is improving young children’s teeth and providing early intervention to find the root cause of their dental problems. I believe that children have crowded teeth not because of hereditary causes but due to poor mouth posture as well as other factors like mouth breathing and thumb-sucking. With early treatment, children are able to achieve longer-lasting and faster results.

When I’m not working, I spend my time with Jacqui and our five kids.


I have 18 years of experience as a dental assistant, eight years of which are with Alpers Dental. I am a registered Orthodontic Auxiliary, and I continuously seek education. I enjoy seeing the great results that Alpers Dental provides to its patients, giving them a complete makeover. During my spare time, I hang out with my husband and two kids and go to the beach, go shopping, or spend my time gardening. I love a glass of wine to help me relax!


I love orthodontics because it enables me to work with my hands and be creative. I’ve had Trapezio Orthodontic Assisting training and working at Alpers is my first experience. I help out our laboratory technicians in fabricating dental appliances for our patients. It’s a thrill knowing that what they’re wearing were custom-built by me!


After graduating from a Dental Assisting course, I volunteered at Middlemore Hospital Dental Surgery to attain knowledge in all aspects of nursing. Since then I have gained vast experience in both nursing and management within the Dental industry. I have not only worked with general and cosmetic dentistry but also alongside oral surgeons.
I have also participated in AUT’s Co-operative Business Student Program, training students in business management. I enjoy the challenges that come with learning new skills and am extremely excited to be joining Alpers Dental


Since 2013, I have been working as an orthodontic assistant, therapist and hygienist in Alpers Dental. My favorite patients are kids because they’re very unpredictable! I received my dental hygiene and therapy degree from AUT. This is my first dental work experience and I truly enjoy working at Alpers.


I am originally from Bulgaria where I was a dentist.  I have been in New Zealand for many years now and have 2 young children that keep me busy when I’m not at work.  I have been working at Alpers since the beginning of 2015 and am thoroughly enjoying it.  My focus is on the fixed appliance (braces) treatments where I help Nic to perfect the smiles we work so hard to create.


I started at Alpers in 2012 as a general dental and orthodontic assistant. Working with different people makes my job truly enjoyable. I worked as a dental assistant for five years before I entered Alpers. I like relaxing with my friends when I’m not in the clinic.


I started as a dental assistant in 2010 and joined Alpers Dental in 2013 as an orthodontic assistant. It’s challenging, but that’s what makes it enjoyable. The team here is great. I have certifications in Dental Assisting and Trapezio Orthodontic Assisting.


Over the past 10 years, I’ve spent my days as a clinical coordinator, dental assistant, frenectomy assistant and sterilisation coordinator at Alpers Dental. I’m known as the “Mum” of the dental staff. I love my job at Alpers and the dental industry is where I always have been passionate, with previous jobs all within the practice. Outside the clinic, I spend my time with my husband and four grandkids. I also like sports like tramping, biking, and watching rugby.