Alpers Dental Laboratory

At Alpers Dental in Epsom, Auckland, we strive to provide you with the latest and greatest technology that will help you have the best oral health possible. In addition, we look to make sure that technology is overseen by some of the most educated and reliable dental professionals in the industry. When you trust Alpers with your dental care, know that you are in good hands moving forward.

If you are fed up with your current dentist, or if a traumatic previous dental experience has kept you out of the dental chair for too long, then give Alpers a call at (09) 524 5056. We’d be more than happy to have you come by and see what makes Alpers Dental so unique.

The Latest and Greatest Dental Technology

The dental industry has changed quite a bit in the last decade. As more and more people look to achieve beautiful looking smiles and a healthy mouth, demand for new technology has increased as well. Here at Alpers Dental, we use the best technology for our patients. When you trust us with your dental care, you can expect to have reliable technology that helps us provide the best oral health possible. In some instances, that might mean that we help you find and treat a small cavity before it turns into something bigger. In other cases, it might mean that we help you find problems like oral cancer in their early stages. Whatever it may be, we look to ensure that you have the best resources available when you trust Alpers Dental with your oral health.


I trained as a dental technician in Germany, with 2 years of experience in orthodontics, and later specialised in Crown & Bridge work.  I have been in NZ for 20 years working in this specialty.  Working at Alpers has arisen the opportunity for me to revisit the orthodontic field while providing my expertise in Crowns & Bridges. I love working with the great team here at Alpers.


I started at Alpers in March of 2013. In my job as a laboratory technician, I create different dental appliances that are used in orthodontic treatments for patients. I admire the human body and how it responds to different treatments, particularly how the tissues and cells work together to achieve a better smile. Our dental team at Alpers functions similarly in providing excellent dental care.


As a graduate with 8 years of background in Stomatology from Tongji University of Shanghai, I came to NZ in 2002 and have been working as a technician for the last 10 years.  With experience in Crown & Bridge and dentures, I am excited to venture into the field of orthodontic appliances.  I am delighted to be part of Team Alpers and providing excellent orthodontic treatment.


Since I graduated from Otago University in 2008, I have worked in different areas of dental technology including bridges, crowns and orthodontics. It’s a challenge to work in orthodontics, but I enjoy it a lot. Whenever I create a dental appliance, I think of it as my own so that I can give patients only the best results from wearing them. I love working in Alpers Dental because our team helps patients get the beautiful smile they desire.


I received my BTEC Diploma in Dental Technology from Nottinghamshire, England and that is where my love for orthodontics began. I worked with Dr. Frankel at Kingston Hospital in London and I continued expanding my knowledge by getting a certification by City and Guilds. I was promoted in 1999 but I started a new life in New Zealand in 2000 together with my partner. In 2004, after working at Middlemore Hospital Dental Laboratory, I focused on homemaking and raising our two children. Last 2013, I resumed working, and I found my opportunity here in Alpers, where I am enjoying the new technologies in dental laboratory.