Does Additional Sunlight Help Oral Hygiene?

Does Additional Sunlight Help Oral Hygiene?

Vitamin D brings the body plenty of bountiful benefits, such as helping to keep our bones strong, our body healthy and even helps our body to absorb calcium from supplements and foods. Our muscles need vitamin D to move and our immune system uses it to fight viruses and bacteria. So, the question here is, what can’t vitamin D do? Research has linked vitamin D to our oral health.This article is written with the help of family dentistry in Epsom Auckland.

Vitamin D has been linked to a reduced rate of 50 percent when it comes to tooth decay, which is astounding. Expecting mothers can benefit greatly, and their babies as well, from vitamin D. It’s essential to the health of their offspring and will help them develop bones and teeth that are mineralized better before they can even exit the womb. Expecting mothers who take vitamin D supplements or are in the sunlight for long periods of time are not only making themselves healthier, but their unborn child as well.

Sunlight and Your Oral Hygiene

Vitamin D helps reduce your risk of dental caries, which is a tooth infection that is caused by bacteria and will lead to the loss of the hard tissues surrounding your teeth, especially in children and infants. Vitamin D is found in the cells in your teeth and your immune system and binds the receptors to increase the amount of antimicrobial proteins that help to fight the bacteria that causes dental caries. Vitamin D plays a role in the functioning of these receptors, so to answer the big question, additional sunlight can help your oral hygiene by nourishing your body with more vitamin D.

Studies have discovered that sun exposure and geographic locations are related to dental caries, and that people who reside close to the equator have larger amounts of sun exposure and are at a lower risk of developing dental caries. This proves that the extra boost of vitamin D, depending on where you live and the amount of sun exposure, will greatly improve your body’s chance of fighting off dental caries.

Another study showed that giving an expecting mother vitamin D supplements the rate of her child having enamel defects is greatly reduced, which goes hand in hand with developing dental caries over time. This study can be transferred from supplements to actually being outside and getting natural vitamin D, however.

In conclusion, additional sunlight and vitamin D overall greatly helps your oral hygiene and plays a big role in your mouth health. Vitamin D helps to protect your mouth from dental caries, helps your skin to look great and will even help an unborn child in the womb just by going outside and being in the sun for a couple of hours at a time each day. Those who tend to live in places that do not receive a lot of sunlight, or those who are hermits, can benefit greatly from the sunlight and vitamin D. To learn more about how vitamin D helps your oral hygiene, speak with your dentist about the many benefits.