A bridge is one of many options for replacing a missing tooth - either from extraction or non-development.

A bridge can be used to replace a single missing tooth or several and are typically anchored to the teeth either side.

There are 3 types of bridges available:

1) Maryland Bridge

Used for front teeth, the pontic (false tooth) has two small wings of either metal or ceramic bonded to the teeth either side of the gap.

2) Cantilever Bridge

Similar to a fixed bridge however – there is only one anchoring tooth. This works well in cases where the Pontic is not receiving a great deal of force i.e. The premolar region. These cases are chosen carefully to prevent fracture.

3) Fixed Bridge

The most common bridge and also the most successful. The teeth either side of the gap are crowned and fused together with a crown in the gap.

This is a good option if the teeth either side of the gap require crowning, however if the teeth either side of the gap are untouched then it may be better to consider a dental implant.

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Our Services Include

  • Full Dentures
  • Partial Dentures - acrylic, metal & flexible.
  • Immediate dentures 
  • Implant Overdentures 
  • SAME DAY Reline of existing dentures
  • SAME DAY Denture Repairs
  • WHILE YOU WAIT Denture Cleaning

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Immediate Dentures                                       

Do you have worn down and unsightly teeth?  Do you have teeth that can’t be saved and want them removed?  Immediate Dentures can be for you!

We are able to arrange for new dentures to be made so that they can be fitted immediately after having your teeth removed.

Our team of experts can give you an instant new smile, without having to go “toothless”.

Implant Overdentures   

Do you have loose dentures?  Do you find it difficult to eat?  Are you sick of using the denture adhesives?  Do you get embarrassed of loose dentures and fear that they will fly across the room when you laugh?

These are just a few examples of why people choose implant supported over dentures.  This is a relatively simple procedure where implants are placed into you jaw and then your denture is modified, or a new one is made, that clips on to the implants.

Get back to enjoying those foods you haven’t had in ages and feel confident that your dentures will stay in place at all times!