New to Alpers Dental?If you're looking for a new Epsom dentist, then you've found the right place.

At your first trip to Alpers, one of our dentists will conduct a full mouth exam, checking over the health of all your teeth and gums. X-rays will be taken to gain more insight and help with their assessment before discussing any concerns or highlighting any areas which you may need to monitor.

This exam takes approximately 45 minutes.

If you're a returning patient - welcome back!

Your dentist will have provided you with a recommended recall visit at your last appointment. During this appointment your dentist will conduct a full mouth exam and follow up on any areas that were discussed at your previous appointment, they may take x-rays to update your records.

This exam takes approximately 30 minutes.

If you can't remember when you're next due, call our reception who will be able to help you.