Before and After Dental Treatment

Over the years, we’ve had the chance to work with a myriad of great clients here at Alpers Dental. There are so many to choose from, but here are some of our favourite success stories.


Eabha was brought to us with a serious underbite. Due to this problem, her top teeth were always coming down much further behind her lower teeth. The longer the jaws stayed in this position, the more difficulties ensued. To help Eabha, we used a removable plate to correct her bite. Eabha’s treatment and final results were so successful that she didn’t need to get braces. Looking great with your new profile, Eabha!

Eabha After Dentistry Eabha was brought to us for top teeth or lower teeth.

Teeth Whitening or alignment after result Before Teeth Result


Asheer came to us with tons of charisma and happiness, but not the smile he wanted to show off how he felt in the inside. He initially had serious problems with a crowded and narrow jaw. To begin, we used removable plates to broaden his jaw. The broader jaw added room for all his teeth,  which were moved into position with orthodontics. Though Asheer’s treatment took years, we were — and still are — thrilled with the results! His smile looks so natural, and he finally can show off just how great of a kid he is!

Asheer had serious problems with a crowded and narrow jawAsheer After Dentistry outlook

Asheer Before looks After Teeth Treatment


Most people would say that Amanda had nice teeth to begin with, but she wanted even more in the way of perfection. As a result of a finger sucking habit when she was younger, Amanda’s front teeth had been pushed forward. Amanda’s treatment included removable plates to expand the upper jaw, and then braces to move the teeth into their proper place. Amanda is a prime example that it’s never too late to have a beautiful smile!

Amanda’s treatment included removable platesAmanda’s with beautiful teeth

Amanda’s Before teeth looksAmanda’s after removable plates


Gemma was a thumb sucker and that resulted in an open bite. One traditional treatment would have included surgery. Alpers Dental used a comprehensive treatment plan that included removable plates, braces and tongue and lip exercises (Myofunctional therapy) to train her mouth muscles to work with the adjustments to her occlusion. As you can see, the results were quite dramatic and beyond even what Nic, and Gemma, ever anticipated.

Gemma used a comprehensive treatment plan from AlpersUnfortunately Gemma got successfully Dental Treatment

Gemma Got Alpers dental ServicesAfter Dentistry Result


We met Jack when he was just 10 years old. He came to us with a large open bite that caused his back teeth to rest against each other and his front teeth to not properly overlap. We knew if we didn’t do something to help, Jack would eventually need surgery to correct the situation. We were determined that Jack wouldn’t need surgery. Jack’s treatment started with the use of removable plates and then braces, and the removal of some of his baby teeth to bring the upper and lower jaws into their ideal position. Not only does Jack now have a great smile, but his mom is happy as well!

Jack looking for a treatment for back teeth to rest against each otherJack looks after dentistry

Before Teeth Alignment  After Treatment from Alpers


As you can see from the photos, Nikola came to us with a severe under bite that meant her lower front teeth covered the upper front teeth. Traditional dental therapies would have had her wait until she turned 18 to try to correct the end result of her malocclusion. Her and her mother came to see us for a second opinion. We were able to treat her non-surgically with removable plates and braces and completely transformed her smile and her face in two years.

Nikola came to us with a severe under biteNikola Took after treatment

Before Teeth ConditionTeeth after Dentistry

Nikola need quality dentistry final Profile