Amalgam Removal

Amalgam fillings are the visible, silver in colour fillings who got their name from being an amalgamation of different metals. They are incredibly durable.

However, we believe these fillings to be somewhat outdated due to their not-so-discreet appearance and their controversial health risks; amalgam contains traces of mercury which many people do not want continual exposure to - no matter how small.

These fillings can be removed and replaced safely at Alpers, ensuring that you are not exposed to any mercury inhalation during the procedure.

Measures we put in place to make this procedure as safe and holisitic as possible include:

  • The dentist and dental assistant will be wearing protective equipment and clothing to avoid any mercury contamination.
  • You will be draped and completely covered to avoid contamination.
  • A supplemental air source will be given via nasal respiration to prevent mercury inhalation.
  • A rubber dam is placed around with the amalgam-filled tooth, this prevents any mercury particulates from entering the mouth.
  • Once the amalgam has been removed, the tooth is rinsed until all signs of amalgam are gone before removing the dam.
  • We used activated charcoal to remove any remaining mercury from the mouth.

Afterwards, the restorative procedure will be performed - either in the form of a crown or a
tooth-coloured filling. Your tooth will look good as new and function efficiently.
Most restorations last for decades with no regret of getting your amalgam removed and patients love the peace of mind that comes from having tooth-coloured fillings that also provide stability and strength.