Alpers Smile Protection Plan

Keep your Smile in Great Working Order with Alpers Smile Protection Plan

With Alpers Smile Protection Plan, there’s more reason for you to smile because now you’ll get the same excellent service from Alpers Dental for a much lower price!

What is Alpers Smile Protection Plan?

Alpers Smile Protection Plan is designed to allow quality and affordable dental care options to our patients. It is a dental discount plan that lets you have savings on services, such as check-ups, cleanings and even major dental treatments for a very affordable price.

One of the benefits of our smile protection plan is that you’ll get 40% off preventive dental care, such as dental exams, X-rays, and hygiene visits (excluding periodontal treatment with the hygienist) and 10% off any further dental treatment you may require (excluding orthodontics) once you join our smile protection plan. Just imagine how much money you can save from this!

Even if you already have insurance, you can benefit from a wide range of more affordable dental services by just joining our plan and choosing either an individual or family membership. Individual membership costs $120 per year while family membership costs $150 per year for up to 5 people. The cost of the membership is returned with your initial exam and hygiene savings.

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What Makes It the Best Discount Plan?

Aside from its affordable price, Alpers Smile Protection Plan is the best discount plan because of it’s no fuss and no hassle process.

  • It has no waiting period. You can sign up today and receive dental discounts immediately.
  • It has no maximums
  • All pre-existing conditions are accepted
  • It includes affordable dental plans for both individuals and families

We want our patients to be able to take care of their dental needs without worrying about cost. That’s why we offer our dental discount plan to you. Reap the benefits of discounted services today by joining our smile protection plan. To join, call Alpers Dental today at 09 524 5056!


Alpers Smile Protection Plan August 19, 2015