10 Ways Dentists Volunteer Their Time

10 Ways Dentists Volunteer Their Time

dental-programDentists may be busy with their appointments and with giving their patients different dental care treatments, but you might be surprised that they still have some time to volunteer for noble causes. Amidst their busy schedules, dentists still commit themselves to participate in different local and international volunteer projects.

Why volunteer?

Dentists volunteer their time for a lot of reasons. Some volunteer because they feel that it’s their way of giving back something good to their community. Others help because they want to go outside their comfort zone and learn more about other cultures. While some use their volunteer works as a way of rekindling the fire within them and reaffirming their mission as dentists for others.

How dentists help the community

Dental volunteering covers a range of work and activities. Here are the top 10 ways that dentists volunteer their time:

  1. Preventative Oral Care Education

Dentists volunteer their time by giving free information on preventative oral care. They teach the public on the importance of oral health and how they can prevent oral health problems through different talks, seminars and symposiums.

  1. Dental Missions

Dentists join a team of dental care professionals who go on missions. They take dental services and oral health education where they are needed to address the maldistribution of the dental workforce throughout the country.

  1. Dental Health Education

Dentists provide free consultations and seminars about dental health education in public places.

  1. Adopt a School Program

With this program, dentists volunteer their time at different schools to give oral health presentations to children. They teach and guide the children about proper dental hygiene and other information relating to good oral health.

  1. Mobile Dental Clinics

Some dentists establish mobile dental clinics in far-flung places where they can give free services to the underprivileged and those people who can’t afford to avail of basic dental services.

  1. Free dental care services

Some dentists would team up with government or nongovernment and charitable organizations to give free basic dental services to orphans, senior citizens and other vulnerable groups.

  1. Mentor Programs

Dentists who are more inclined with the academic world volunteer as mentors for students in dentistry. Students are paired with practising dentists to help them with their thesis and educate them by letting them have a first-hand observation of the dental practice.

  1. Research and Technology

Some dentists devote their extra time for research work and development of new dental tools for the improvement of the dental practice.

  1. Dental Equipments

Those dentists who don’t have extra time but want to help in every way possible would lend a hand by donating dental equipments and other necessary tools to public hospitals and public schools to support the community.

  1. International relief and developmental work

Some dentists travel abroad to help in the relief operations in calamity stricken areas. They provide dental health services to the victims of typhoon, earthquake and other calamities as the people in these situations don’t have access to basic dental services.

These are some ways in which our dentists here in Alpers Dental would volunteer their time outside the clinic. If you want to learn more about our expert team of dental care professionals, you can always visit Alpers Dental or check our website for more information. Call us now at 9-887-9414 to book your appointment!